The latest major update for Mario Kart Tour is due to go live next week on July 12th and adds a brand new character to the ever-growing roster of drivers: Petey Piranha.

That's right, everybody's favourite Piranha Plant is taking a vacation from his vacation in Isle Delfino to duke it out with Mario and Co. in the Piranha Tour. Naturally, Petey's kart of choice is designed in the shape of a warp pipe to ensure Petey can sit and drive with optimum comfort and style. Nintendo previously teased the new update just yesterday via Twitter:

The Piranha Tour will kick off at 11:00pm PT on July 12th and replaces the Bangkok Tour, which saw players take to the streets of Thailand's capital and gave Daisy a brand new kart and swanky set of gear.

Will you be checking out the Piranha Tour when it launches next week? Tell us in the comments!

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