Splatoon has a lot of detailed lore and in the lead-up to the release of Splatoon 3, Nintendo's Squid Research Lab has been sharing also sorts of details about the Inklings, Octolings, weapons, maps, music and even the brands in the game.

In the latest social media update, the lab has officially confirmed the return of 'Skalop'. This brand has been in the series since the early days, so it's great to see it is back for the third outing. Here's a look at some squid kids posing in some Skalop gear:

Prior to this, Nintendo's Squid Research Lab showed off some more returning weapons. The third game's home menu icon also appears to have been revealed. You can take a look at it in our previous story:

Are you excited for the return of Splatoon this September? Tell us down below.

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