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The latest Nintendo Download update for North America has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch eShop - Highlights

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Nintendo, 29th July, $59.99) - In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, join Noah, Mio and their friends – all members of the two opposing nations of Keves and Agnus – on a heartfelt journey through a world with a dark secret. In this spellbinding tale, you’ll traverse massive, fantastical landscapes and master seamless real-time RPG combat as you expose the true enemy pulling the strings. Plus, pair up and fight as one in battle via Interlinking, where specific pairs of characters in your party can fuse to become a fiercely powerful creature known as an Ouroboros. As the latest entry in the critically acclaimed role-playing series, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can also serve as an entry point for anyone looking to become engrossed in an immense RPG world with dynamic characters, a rich narrative and epic scope! Wave 1 of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass DLC will also be available on July 29. - Read our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 review

Digimon Survive (Bandai Namco, 29th July, TBC) - Digimon Survive presents a hybrid visual novel and tactical RPG set in a mysterious world filled with dangerous monsters and deadly battles that will test your ability to survive. After getting lost on a school trip, Takuma Momozuka finds himself transported to a world inhabited by ferocious foes and new allies. Join Takuma and his friends as they fight their way back home. Craft your story in this thrilling visual novel with turn-based combat.

Before We Leave (Balancing Monkey Games, 2nd Aug, TBC) - Grow, gather and manage resources to help your settlements thrive, and share goods between the hexagonal lands and planets around you. Relax and expand the fabric of your growing societies and create a solar system of happy planets at your own pace. Not everything will go your way, though – use your wits and research solutions to overcome the challenges that your ancestors once faced.

Switch eShop - New Releases

Animal Puzzle for Toddlers and Kids – Preschool and kindergarten learning and fun game (winterworks, 22nd Jul, $7.99) - This puzzle game is extremely easy to use and was tailored with great care to be played by children of all ages. It contains two difficulty settings for entertaining a wide range of age groups. Balloons and Bubbles can be popped at the end of each puzzle, adding extra fun to the game. This game makes use of the touch screen functionality only. So the menu and every scene can be played with touch controls only.

Arcade Archives Chack’n Pop (HAMSTER, 21st Jul, $7.99) - Chack'n Pop" is an action game released by TAITO in 1983. Take control of Chack'n and race against the clock to take back the hearts imprisoned by the Monstas and hidden throughout the labyrinth! Use bombs to defeat the Monstas that chase you, trying to swallow you whole!

Artsy Pixel (Ultimate Games, $6.99) - Color by number type of gameplay with over 280 unique images split into 7 categories is sure to make you relaxed. Achieve a ZEN like calmness, satisfaction and a simple feeling of fulfilment after each picture. Even if ZEN is not your thing, you can go a bit faster by using powerups. Pictures you can discover and unlock include cute animals, nature, vehicles and even characters from Digital Melody Games such as the famous Timberman!

Avenging Spirit (Ratalaika Games, 29th Jul, $5.99) - You have been deep sixed by gangsters and turned into a ghost. To make matters worse, the mob has kidnapped your moll and for ransom, they want the secret of ghost energy. To rescue her and get even with the mob, you must inhabit any one of 20 different creatures and search for your girlfriend on 6 dangerous levels. So grab a body, any body, make a beeline to the big rescue, and rescue your doll face.

Azure Striker GUNVOLT 3 (Inti Creates, 28th Jul, $29.99) - The next installment in the high-speed 2D action Gunvolt series is finally here with Azure Striker Gunvolt 3. Balancing both an involving story and satisfying gameplay, Gunvolt 3 is the most extravagant entry in the series yet! Play as both new star Kirin and series protagonist Gunvolt as you switch between them on the fly while conquering Gunvolt 3's many stages and bosses. Story Mode+ which keeps the exciting action uninterrupted by the rich story. New to Gunvolt 3 are Image Pulses, collectable summons and equipment called forth from Gunvolt's own memories. Over 150 varieties are available to collect! Gunvolt 3 was developed targeting the Nintendo Switch™ hardware, allowing for more crisp visuals and astounding effects to go along with the high-speed action! - Read our Azure Striker GUNVOLT 3 review

Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter (T-Bull, 22nd Jul, $9.99) - The war started! Dinosaurs came back… and bloodthirsty zombies are even more dangerous! It's about time to find yourself in a new, post-apocalyptic action! The wasteland full of destroyed buildings and dino's nests - it's what the modern battlefield looks like. Be careful and aim the rifle, demanding opponents are waiting for you!

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions (Shueisha Games, 28th Jul, $24.99) - Welcome to the Jump+ Dimensions! Damien's life is flipped upside-down when his family moves him to Japan. A shy boy, he copes with his newfound loneliness with the power of his infinite imagination and creates an imaginary hero named "Captain Velvet Meteor"! In his imaginary world, Damien sets off on an adventure with his favorite Jump+ heroes and fights to adjust to his new home and find himself. Experience Damien's struggles living in Japan for the first time as he interacts with his family in his Grandmother's home. Then dive into the Jump+ Dimensions, the world of Damien's imagination, where he takes part in strategic battles that include puzzle and stealth elements.

Coloring Book: Adventure Bundle – 90 drawings (naptime.games, 29th Jul, $5.99) - Coloring Book: Adventure Bundle is a version of Coloring Book with some additional content directly available: "Classic Tales", "Treasure Adventure", and "Adventure Chapter".

Construction Ramp Jumping (BoomHits, 21st Jul, $9.99) - You probably think that roadrollers can’t fly, and you are 100% right, but… They can jump, and when they fall… Oh my! It’s a spectacle! Imagine throwing 12 tons of metal into a building. Lots of great locations, and really heavy vehicles are waiting for you to spread the art of destruction!

Cow Rush: Water Adventure (T-Bull, 22nd Jul, $4.99) - Take control of the sea cow in this fast-paced aquatic adventure! Get ready for a dash of adrenaline! Survive as long as you can and dodge the treacherous obstacles. Have a blast trying to avoid many different sea creatures. There are jellyfishes, sea turtles, seahorses, sea stars, and angry sharks in the water! Remember, don't touch their sharp teeth. Sharks can be hungry! Master your skills to dash around the dangerous seafloor and dodge to go as far as you can in this endless short session game.

Encounters: Music Stories (Cooking & Publishing, 21st Jul, $4.99) - Encounters: Music Stories tells us about the desires of its characters to meet and be happy with their loved ones. Do you want to know how these stories end? You will have to be precise and let yourself be carried away by its wonderful music. Each character plays a part of the musical piece. To advance you will only have to go down the blue tiles at the right time and live the experience of synchronizing with the instruments of precious melodies.

Frogun (Top Hat Studios, $14.99, 2nd Aug) - Join Renata as she adventures across a world of mystical ruins with the titular FROGUN! Frogun is an old-school platformer with the soul of the retro era, in which your frog-shaped grappling hook is a your best friend! Renata's parents are world-renown explorers, archeologists and inventors that travel all over the world uncovering the secrets of the past, bringing her with them in their expeditions. However, in their latest adventure, they decide to leave her at the base camp - the Beelzebub ruins are said to be too dangerous!

Hot Lap League: Deluxe Edition (Ultimate Games, 31st Jul, $19.99) - Take complete control of your vehicle, perfect your driving, and prove your place in the Hot Lap League. Drift and race your car around 150+ mind-blowing tracks, each requiring unique techniques and strategies. Improving your time by racing your best is the only way to the top. It’s you, the track and the clock - no driving assist, no-nonsense.

Japanese Escape Games The Hospital (Regista, 28th Jul, £4.99) - The 5th "Japanese Escape Games" series! Game system This game is an escape-the-room game (mystery-adventure game). *Point the screen with a cursor to solve riddles, and this game goes on. Story The duty for this time is as always; to confirm that the Target is safe, or not. Today's target is a ruin of hospital which is located in medical care facilities abandoned in deep in the mountains. Some once went in the hospital, but none came back. This duty is one of ordinary ones, but never forget to be on my guard. I'm going in the hospital with a detailed map information in the facility in my hand...

Jigoku Unko Toripuru (Weakfish Studio, 27th Jul, $2.60) - Jigoku Unko Toripuru is Beat Em Up 2D Platform game. First of all, you should know this! You must destroy everything that comes your way with ONE PUNCH. Our character has a tantrum after eating spicy Wasabi. Then he finds himself in hell for some unknown reason. He is no longer human and is even more angry. By breaking all the obstacles in front of him, he tries to advance as far as he can without his anger killing him.

Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony (CFK, 28th Jul, $29.99) - Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony has been loved by many gamers since its initial release, highly praised for its quality gameplay and soundtrack as well as Banpai Akira's sharp and gothic reinterpretation of Touhou characters. This title is the enhanced version of the original game that supports HD remastered graphics and a variety of bonus features. In hopes that more gamers would enjoy Reimu's adventure, the game now supports 6 languages including English. Fans of the original game and the Touhou Project can't also miss the full Japanese voice acting, which is the exclusive feature for the enhanced version.

LootLite (JanduSoft, 28th Jul, $4.99) - Dragons steal everything they find... This is something that the new inhabitants of this peculiar peninsula discover as soon as they arrive. You must help all these unlucky heroes to recover all that stolen treasure... LootLite is a roguelike-arcade in which you can choose between seven different heroes to fight against the enemy hordes and try to recover the stolen treasures. Travel through a huge peninsula with different levels full of secrets, hidden paths and all kinds of weapons.

Lord Winklebottom Investigates (Cave Monsters, 28th Jul, $18.99) - It’s the 1920s and the world’s foremost detective is about to embark on his most challenging case yet. A mysterious invitation to an isolated island results in a grisly murder and a race against time to track down the killer. Thankfully, in this world that’s not quite like our own, there’s nobody better to crack the case than the great detective and gentleman giraffe, Lord Winklebottom. Join Lord Winklebottom and his steadfast companion Dr Frumple as they investigate the murder of their old friend. Uncover clues, interview suspects and solve puzzles to crack the case, capture the killer and uncover the horrifying dark secret at the heart of the Isle of Barghest!

MADiSON (Perp Games, 29th Jul, $34.99) - What would you do if you woke up locked in a dark room, with your hands covered in blood – your sister and mother massacred? MADiSON is an immersive and terrifying first-person psychological horror game, featuring disturbing gameplay and an unsettling and compelling narrative. With the help of an ‘possessed’ instant camera, connect the human world with the beyond. Solve puzzles, explore your surroundings and most importantly, survive. Throughout your journey you are haunted by MADiSON, the ghost of an evil murderer, who is forcing you to continue a gory ritual started decades ago and commit abominable acts. She wants you to finish her sinister ceremony. Do you have the strength to resist?

Moonrise Fall (CheckMate Publishing, 29th Jul, $9.99) - Moonrise Fall is an atmospheric exploration puzzle game about a boy who finds himself lost in a supernatural forest after losing both parents in a car crash. Put your detective skills to the test. Armed with a clue-filled journal, a camera, and a lantern he must unravel the mysteries of the forest and photograph the strange creatures that reside there. Moonrise Fall is a brain teaser-filled world mixed with classic adventuring, exploration, and collecting. A surreal understated experience about loss and finding new life inspired by real-life experiences. Uncover locations like caves, mines, a lumber mill, as well as otherworldly locales at your own pace. Discover why the boy has been trapped in this strange place and by whom.

My Cute Unicorns – Coloring Book (Soroka Games, 23rd Jul, $4.99) - This is your personal collection of unicorns. Let's begin coloring the cutest unicorns using lots of tools. The amazing cozy palette in combination with stickers and glitters will help you to create the unicorn of your dream! Choose between 30 pictures and spend hours on making beautiful masterpieces. Share it with your friends! Play the game the way you want: using touch screen or Joy-Con Controller.

Pizza Bar Tycoon Deluxe Edition (Baltoro Games, 29th Jul, $5.99) - Look out, this pizzeria will soon become the best one in town! Well... at least that's your plan. The clients are already standing in line, and you have to serve them as soon as you can. It's harder than it sounds though! Everyone's in a hurry, and you have to prepare each order exactly - otherwise people will get angry! Give it your best and you will make it!

Polygraph: Escape from the Lie Detector (Cooking & Publishing, 21st Jul, $3.99) - Something has happened in the city and you are the main suspect. You defend your innocence, but the investigators don't believe you and insist on giving you the dreaded polygraph test. Your objective is clear: Don't get caught lying! If you answer any question wrongly the polygraph will detect it and you will be locked up forever in prison.

Promo Pack 2x1 (Cube Games, 3rd Aug, $7.00) - A pack with two amazing games. The first one, X-Force Genesis is a shmup style game with beautiful graphics, beautiful music and also great challenges. The second, a puzzle that is mind-boggling

Pure Crosswords – the best Crossword Puzzle Word Game ever! (the binary family, 3rd Aug, $14.99) - Enjoy 2,250 puzzles across 3 difficulty levels, and written in classic British English. The clues are shown right in the puzzle grid, making crossword puzzles easy to view and play.

Puzzle Galaxy (naptime.games, 22nd Jul, $0.00) - Play with beautiful varied illustrations, breathtaking photos and special video puzzles playing after completing a particular assembly.

Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite (QUByte Interactive, 28th Jul, $.99) - Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite is a minimalist jigsaw puzzle. The player must move the pieces to form logical circuits while listen to a relaxing and calm soundtrack. Challenge yourself through 135 different levels with a variety of difficulty in them, learning the behavior of logical doors and digital logic. The game presents an intuitive gameplay that dispenses tutorials.

Redout 2 (Saber Interactive Incorporated, 19th July, $29.99) - The fastest racing game in the universe. Redout 2 is a tribute to classic arcade racing games and the sequel to the critically acclaimed Redout, where racing through the dystopian wastelands of a semi-abandoned Earth is one of the galaxy’s most popular sports. Reach impossible speeds in exhilarating futuristic races across an extensive single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer. - Read our Redout 2 review

Redout 2 – Deluxe Edition (Saber Interactive Incorporated, 19th Jul, $49.99) - Deep control systems, robust hovership customization and a killer soundtrack make Redout 2 the premier anti-gravity racer. In the tradition of Anti-Gravity racing classics like Wipeout and F-Zero, experience blazing fast speeds and an intuitive driving system that makes Redout 2 a blast to pick up and play, but also rewarding for those prepared to master the super-high skill ceiling.

Romeow: to the cracked Mars (Silesia Games, 28th Jul, $2.99) - Collect the spaceship components and place the cat flag on the orange planet. Enjoy this relaxing puzzle game with him. Romeow is a relaxing and charming puzzle game about a kitten who dreams of going to space. He will need to go through shuffled paths to be able to assemble his ship and achieve his goal.

Solitaire Master VS (Ultimate Games, 26th Jul, $6.99) - Solitaire Master VS is the classic card game you already love, packed up with tons of colorful cards and backgrounds to customize your experience. Play classic whenever you’re bored or want to flex your brain. And if you seek the challenge - play VS mode to compete against real players across the globe.

South of the Circle (11 bit studios, 3rd Aug, $12.99) - South of the Circle is an emotional narrative experience with a deep multi-layered cinematic story. The main plot asks questions about the consequences of life choices, of pursuing either career or true love, manoeuvring between now and the past. You play Peter, a Cambridge academic who crashlands in Cold War Antarctica. As he searches for help, his past unwinds before him, revealing how the pressures of power and his own aspirations have led him into this crisis he must somehow escape. A love story between him and fellow academic Clara develops, and Peter learns the weight of all the things he has promised. Like memories from childhood, some promises stay with us forever.

Strange Horticulture (Iceberg Interactive, 28th Jul, $14.99) - Strange Horticulture is an occult puzzle game in which you play as the proprietor of a local plant store. Find and identify new plants, pet your cat, speak to a coven, or join a cult. Use your growing collection to influence the story and unravel Undermere’s dark mysteries. Explore the lands beyond your store to find new plants, but be careful! The dark woods and lakes are not always friendly to a simple herbalist. You might discover powers beyond your wildest dreams - or lose your mind completely. Use context clues to determine which places to visit, and which to avoid! Using your trusty encyclopedia and clues found on your explorations, you'll learn more about the strange plants you come across. By identifying each plant, you will be able to use their effects to influence the story — from hypnotic hallucinogens to powerful poisons.

Superpanda 2 (Pix Arts, 29th Jul, $3.99) - Superpanda comes back in a whole new adventure, full of dangers, epic quests and monstrous bosses. Across 30 levels filled with secrets, quests and loot, fight your way through hordes of evil monsters and other creatures - jump on their head or throw them bullets to get rid of them. With its precise gamepad controls, fluid movement, and smooth animations, Superpanda 2 will entertain you for long hours...

Tiki Party: Quiz Game with Friends (Cooking & Publishing, 21st Jul, $1.99) - We propose a great fun game with more than 150 exciting and curious questions to connect and chat with your guests, friends and/or family. The questions will put you in imaginary situations where you will have to choose your favorite option or state your opinion. Be honest to make this experience even more fun and don't pass on a question until it's answered.

Turrican Anthology Vol. I (ININ Games, 29th Jul, $34.99) - The Turrican series was created by Factor 5 back in 1990. The first two games in this collection, Turrican and Turrican 2, were released on the Amiga and started the legacy of the well-known series. A must-play for any retro game fan! Super Turrican followed in 1992 and developed some key features of the series. Players can now also check out the Super Turrican Director’s Cut which adds new content with the extension of an existing stage and the addition of one completely new extra level. As last entry in the Turrican Anthology Vol. 1, the new Mega Turrican Score Attack comes with an extra level completing this full action-packed Turrican experience!

Turrican Anthology Vol. II (ININ Games, 29th Jul, $34.99) - The Turrican series was created by Factor 5 in 1990. Turrican 3 and Mega Turrican were developed and released in 1993 for Amiga and Mega Drive/Genesis and diverged from the original Turrican formula. With the implementation of the Plasma Rope, the player could now grapple and swing across the stage. Super Turrican 2 introduces a new look and feel, including vehicles like the desert buggy and motorcycles. The new Mega Turrican Director’s Cut comes with a secret level unlocked from the start. The last entry to complete the Turrican Anthology Vol. 2, Super Turrican Score Attack adds a completely new large level!

Yuoni (Chorus Worldwide Games, 28th Jul, $15.99) - Dragged into a living ghost story where the sun never sets Ai is a grade-schooler in 1990s Japan who is about to realise just how isolated she is. Forced to play children’s games in a world of never-ending dusk, Ai is hunted by otherworldly entities as her life hangs in the balance. When these horrors begin to bleed into the real world, Ai must accept that she has only three choices: hide, run, or die.

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