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Adventure, Education, Music
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  • 21st Jul 2022, $4.99
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About The Game

Shake the Joy-Con™ to the beat of the music! Let yourself be carried away by the melody and tune your ear in this musical rhythm game.

Encounters: Music Stories tells us about the desires of its characters to meet and be happy with their loved ones. Do you want to know how these stories end? You will have to be precise and let yourself be carried away by its wonderful music.

Each character plays a part of the musical piece. To advance you will only have to go down the blue tiles at the right time and live the experience of synchronizing with the instruments of precious melodies.


- Follow the visual clues to make the experience easier.
- Shake the Joy-Con™ to the beat of the music! You can also play using the touch screen or ZL/ZR Buttons.
- Achievements
- 4 game modes: Trainig, Easy, Normal and Night

Enjoy these emotional stories and feel the music in a different way!

Encounters: Music Stories has been created with great care by Raquel (idea, music, development, and design) and Pilar (stories)