Quake Remaster
Image: via Nintendo.com

Nightdive Studios has been responsible for some outstanding first-person shooter revivals in recent years and unsurprisingly more are on the way.

Studio CEO, Stephen Kick, recently responded to a viral tweet focused on first-person shooters of the '90s - noting how the studio has already remastered four of the games in the graphic (below) and teasing how there are "a few more on the way".

Stephen Kick: "We've remastered 4 of these...with a few more on the way..."

The games on this list that Nightdive has remastered so far include Quake, Powerslave Exhumed, DOOM 64, and Blood: Fresh Supply. Keep in mind, that some titles on this list have also been re-released by other teams already, while some other games featured are rumoured to be getting remasters...

What classic first-person shooters from around the '90s would you like to see remastered? Fire off a comment down below.

[source twitter.com, via mynintendonews.com]