Image: Capcom

The Monster Hunter franchise continues to demonstrate its monumental success with the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a major expansion for Switch and PC that introduces new monsters, weapons, story elements, and more. We love it here at Nintendo Life and called it "a success in multiple ways" in our official review, with "enough that's new or different to make it a must-have expansion for Monster Hunter Rise fans".

It seems the game has also proved to be a commercial success, as Capcom has announced that the expansion has already surpassed 2 million shipments worldwide for Switch and PC. In addition, it states that the main Monster Hunter Rise game has reached an astounding 10 million units shipped. As for the franchise as a whole, the Monster Hunter series has now reached cumulative sales of over 84 million worldwide, although a significant chunk of this can be attributed to Monster Hunter World, which achieved an all-time record for Capcom of 21 million units shipped.

In addition to the major Sunbreak expansion, Capcom has previously detailed further Monster Hunter Rise plans for the rest of 2022 and beyond. Free content updates will be provided in August, Fall, and Winter, with more due to arrive in 2023.

Rise Roadmap
Image: Capcom

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