One of the games we're most excited about this summer is Cult of the Lamb, a gory-cute simulator that's a bit like if Animal Crossing went totally off the rails, and was about forest critter Satanists instead of forest critter capitalists.

Ahead of the game's August 11th release date, a new trailer has just gone live, showing the tips and tricks you'll need to make your own cult. Turns out that a lot of it is based around kissing and bribing, which is good to know.

Good news for those of you who need a boo in every game: You can marry any one of your cultists in Cult of the Lamb. You can marry several, if you want. Just be careful, because excessive PDA may make your other loyal followers less loyal... and they're a murdery bunch.

Pre-ordering Cult of the Lamb will unlock an exclusive Cthulhu follower skin, so you can customise all your cultists. And then you can marry all of them. Who hasn't ever dreamed of being married to multiple Cthulhus?