Image: Jujubee Games

First released elsewhere in 2018, Kursk, a game described by its makers as "the first ever proper documentary game", is coming to Switch on 14th July.

Exploring the tragic real-life story of the Russian submarine which sank in August 2000, the game casts you as a spy that finds his way onto the ill-fated sub and experiences the events firsthand. The disaster served as the basis of a 2018 Thomas Vinterberg film of the same name starring Colin Firth, although Polish developer Jujubee Games frames this unrelated first-person game more as a documentary.

Here are some of the features as highlighted by the PR blurb:

Experience the history of the fateful voyage of K-141 KURSK that ended at the bottom of Barents Sea.
See through the first person perspective the fascinating world of 2000’s Moscow, Vidyayevo and the extremely detailed Oscar II-class submarine.
Walk the fine line between gathering secret information, getting to know important people and getting caught spying.
Get to know the crew of Kursk submarine, maintain important relationships and make decisions that have a long-lasting impact.
New sub-category for Jujubee's products characterized by a greater emphasis on the story being told, original gameplay, and mature subject matter.

The game released on PC, Xbox, PlayStation back in 2018, and while reviews were mixed to say the least, the appearance of a Game & Watch clone will certainly catch the attention of Nintendo fans with a historical interest in naval disasters.

Pre-orders go live today and it'll set you back 9.99 USD / 9.99 EUR. Here's the original trailer that accompanied the game's release on other platforms:

Let us know below your thoughts on Kursk if you played the game elsewhere.