If you finished Celeste with all strawberries and your fingers intact, then you'll be happy to know that another mega-tough platformer is on its way to Switch. It's called RITE, and it stars an adorable little mouse... thing called a Nim, who has to weave his way through axes, saws, spikes, and other obstacles to reach the end of each platforming level.

Made by a solo developer based in Adelaide, Daniel Freer, RITE has won a slew of awards already, having been released on PC in 2020, including Best Music for the soundtrack by Grand Prize Big Fuzz.

Much like Celeste and Super Meat Boy, RITE boasts gorgeous pixel graphics, an encouraging "try again" mentality, and enough life-threatening obstacles that you're forced to question if you should maybe just head home instead.

RITE is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on August 23rd.