Funko Pop seems to be one of those polarising brands — you either own enough of them to create your own plastic multiverse of your favourite pop culture characters, or you would be more than happy to melt down the parade of dead-eyed figurines that fill the shelves of your local game shops, if arson wasn't "technically" a "crime".

Either way, Funko Pops have a hold on society right now, and the giganto-headed models are now making their way to the screen, as Funko announced a partnership with Jon Burton's new studio, 10.10 Games, at San Diego Comic-Con.

Burton is best known for being the founder of LEGO developer Traveller's Tales and TT Games, before leaving the company in 2019 amidst accusations of bullying and harassment, and founding 10.10 Games in August 2021.

Interestingly, the Funko x 10.10 Games announcement states that the pairing has come together to create "Triple-A Video Games", a classification normally reserved for the giants of the industry, like EA and Ubisoft. It's not a formal term, though, so it doesn't particularly mean anything these days beyond the assumption that the game will have a large budget and high production values.

There is very little information on the partnership other than it existing, and the games (plural) coming to current and next-gen consoles — which presumably includes the Nintendo Switch.