Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes
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Many of us were pleasantly surprised when Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes was announced for the Switch. Instead of making a direct sequel to the original Fire Emblem Warriors, we got a Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity situation with a focus on the most recent Fire Emblem title and characters, Three Houses. But it wasn't always going to be that way.

In a recent interview with the Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, the game's development producer, producer, and director — Hideo Suzuki, Yosuke Hayashi, and Hayato Iwata respectively — revealed that the team originally planned to make a direct sequel. In this segment of the interview, translated by Nintendo Everything, Hayashi shared that this "placeholder name" was chosen because of the team's desire for a sequel.

Here's what Hayashi had to say:

Hayashi: Development started on Fire Emblem: Three Houses just about as soon as it ended on Fire Emblem Warriors. Once that was over, we decided that since our three companies had worked together for so long and begun to understand each other’s ways of thinking, we wanted to make a sequel to Fire Emblem Warriors. We originally called it Fire Emblem Warriors 2 as a placeholder name and discussed various directions we could take it in, and we decided on making a Warriors title in the world of Three Houses with the current staff involved because of its good reception and because the setting that our companies collaborated to make was one of its strengths. That was what Suzuki, Iwata and I concluded the audience would want the most. So we started by making Fire Emblem Warriors 2 and ended up making Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes from there.

Hayashi and the team concluded that due to the popularity of Three Houses, making a follow-up of sorts would make the most sense. Development producer Suzuki agreed, saying "It ended up as the phantom proposal... we’re fans of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so we were more glad than anything to have the opportunity to create a Warriors title in that setting."

Fire Emblem Warriors 2 would've likely been more similar to the first game, a celebration of past Fire Emblem characters with more pulled from past titles. But according to the game's director, Iwata, the team did originally want to bring those past characters to Three Hopes too, but everyone eventually decided “to focus on just Three Houses and create a story that could have plausibly happened in that world".

The full interview is out in Nintendo Dream now if you happen to have a copy and read Japanese, however, Nintendo Everything is working on a full translation, so hopefully, we'll have some new nuggets of info on Three Hopes' development soon.

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Would you have preferred a more 'traditional' Fire Emblem Warriors game? Are you enjoying Three Hopes? Let us know!

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