We've been watching with envy as Falcon Age studio Outerloop's vibrant South-Asian narrative game, Thirsty Suitors, has been showing off its gorgeously goofy ex-fighting action RPG through their publisher, Annapurna. We assumed we weren't going to see it on Switch — but how wrong we were, as today's Annapurna showcase confirmed that the game would be coming to Switch alongside other platforms.

Thirsty Suitors is a game that tells a story of South Asian culture, from its choice of colours to its cooking minigame, with over-protective parents, a skateboarding mechanic, and a combat system that's built around flirting and insults. Protagonist Jala returns home to her family after a few years to discover that her exes all want to fight and/or kiss her.

Creative director Chandana Ekanayake, whose experience as a child of a Sri Lankan family in America has informed a lot of the story's background and design, teamed up with 80 Days writer Meghna Jayanth to create a narrative that spoke about their lives and stories in an industry that rarely tackles South Asian representation.

As Ekanayake said in an interview with Wired, Thirsty Suitors is “the first game where we’re making it for ourselves.”

There's no release date yet, but a demo is available on Steam if you want to check it out.