In the latest episode of 'cool things Japan gets', Square Enix has announced it will be releasing the Dragon Quest X "All In One Package Version 1 - 6" on October 20th. It will be exclusive to Japan and made available on Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.

As detailed by Gematsu, this release contains "all of the content" from Version 1 to 6 of the Dragon Quest MMO, which originally started out in 2012 on the Nintendo Wii. There'll also be a limited-time 10th anniversary edition - including a copy of the game, a Slime-themed tote bag and some in-game items.

Above is the trailer and below is a commemorative video celebrating Dragon Quest X Online's 10 anniversary:

If that wasn't already enough, Square Enix has also released a second trailer for Dragon Quest X Offline. The game was scheduled to be released earlier this year in February, but will now arrive on September 15th. Once again, this is another Japan-only release. Here's a look at the latest trailer:

Just keep in mind that there are currently no plans for English versions of either of these games. What do you think of these latest Dragon Quest trailers? Would you be interested in these games if Square Enix did ever consider localising them? Leave a comment down below.