It's almost time for the next Mario Kart Tour... tour to kick off, and we're moving from the plant life all the way to the ocean!

From 26th July, the Ocean Tour kicks off and brings with it new Mii Racing Suits (that look like dolphins and Cheep Cheeps!), cute new costumes for Daisy and Toadette, and the return of a GameCube favourite — Daisy Cruiser.

The official Mario Kart Tour Twitter teased the announcement yesterday, showcasing the glorious liner in full display. Daisy's been pretty busy this week, hasn't she, what with her return to the football pitch and now rocking up with her cruiser again?

You'll be able to board the Daisy Cruiser from 11pm PDT on 26th July. The Ocean Tour replaces the Piranha Tour, so if you want to spend more time with ol' Petey, get your motor revving and head on over there!

Will you be setting sail on the Ocean Tour? Let us know down below!