Super Mario Sunshine
Image: Nintendo

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the 2002 GameCube classic Super Mario Sunshine. It's a significant part of Mario's 3D platforming history, and to this day is arguably one of the standout Super Mario adventures.

While we've already remembered this anniversary in more ways than one here on Nintendo Life this week, the voice of Mario - Charles Martinet, has now taken to social media to thank this game for the beautiful memories it's given him. Here's exactly what he had to say in this brief message:

"Hoppy Birthday to Super Mario Sunshine!!! #woohoo !!! It feels like yesterday! What an awesome game!!! And what beautiful memories…. Remember the Memory card stick ??? I used that to my advantage,,,"

Charles Martinet's voice work was also part of what made Sunshine such a special experience for many GameCube owners at the time. The clip below is the intro to the game - featuring some lovely voice work from the man himself (via DerfsonicGaming, YouTube):

Martinet has been voicing Nintendo's mascot since the early days of the Super Mario series. In more recent years he's continued to voice Mario in games like Super Mario Odyssey. He even does the voice work for other Mario characters, like Wario and Baby Mario.

Have you returned to Super Mario Sunshine at all in recent times? Do you have any fond memories of playing this game when it was originally released? Leave a comment down below.