Oh, hello. You like retro action-platformers and roguelites, eh? You must be, since you clicked on the title. Unless you clicked it to complain about action-platformers. Or Dead Cells. Or video games in general.

But let's pretend it's just us fans of action, platformers, and roguelites in here. There's a new game on the block called Bravery & Greed that looks rather intriguing:

2022 07 13 14 26 11 Bravery & Greed Announcement Trailer YouTube
2022 07 13 14 27 47 Bravery & Greed Announcement Trailer YouTube

There's also local and online co-op and competitive modes, plus the ability to unlock and swap out new gear to give yourself that competitive edge.

Bravery & Greed is coming to Nintendo Switch alongside Xbox One, PS4, and PC in Autumn 2022.