Adventure Academia The Fractured Continent
Image: Acquire, PQube

Japanese video game developer Acquire - known for series like Akiba's Trip and assisting on projects such as Octopath Traveler, has announced its cute Class of Heroes-themed strategy RPG Adventure Academia: The Fractured Continent will be receiving a local release.

It's coming to Switch "soon" thanks to the assistance of publisher PQube. In Japan, it will arrive on the 8th of September.

In this "fully-fledged" RPG, players will have to save the Continent of Pedra, which is slowly being transformed into a labyrinthine dungeon full of monsters. It's up to Alex and his friends to save "Obsidian High" and his father, who is the principal of the school. Along this journey, you'll uncover the truth, meet unique characters and participate in side quests to help those in need.

This game comes with its own unique "pinch, drag and drop" real-time battle mechanic. You can also customise your party of students - decking them out as Elves, Dwarfs and more, while managing their stats, armour and weapons to give you the edge against the monster hordes. Here's a first look:

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