Sonic Frontiers Sega Sonic Running In Forests With Light Shining Through The Trees
Image: SEGA

This month, the world got its first look at the upcoming 'open-zone' Sonic game, Sonic Frontiers, and it's garnered some mixed reactions, to say the least.

IGN has been promoting the game and sharing exclusive footage from Frontiers throughout June, and there's been a lot of online chatter. From the initial footage to more recent impressions, however, it sounds like some opinions are feeling a bit more positive — at least, that's the impression from our lovely video team.

Alex, Zion, and Felix have joined forces to discuss the reveal process for Sonic Frontiers — our very own Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles! The trio pick apart the various pieces of footage, share their ever-changing thoughts, and discuss some of the comparisons with Super Mario Odyssey alongside the game's open-zone definition.

What is Sonic Frontiers trying to do? Was this the right decision to show off in this way? Does the later footage have any potential? These are some of the questions Alex, Zion, and Felix try to answer in the below video. Give it a watch and chime in with your thoughts!

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