Sonic Frontiers
Image: SEGA

Yesterday's Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase arguably provided Sonic fans with the best Sonic Frontiers footage so far - showing off Starfall Islands, a new environment known as Cyber Space, the game's battle system, new enemies and characters, and even some of Sonic's abilities.

Now, in a PR update, Sega has officially revealed the new character 'Sage' - who we got a brief look at towards the end of the latest trailer. According to Sega's description, Sage is a mysterious girl who appears across the Starfall Islands, and throughout the story cautions Sonic to leave the area despite his mission to save his friends.


Image: SEGA

In the same update, Sega has also provided a closer look at some of Starfall Islands' enemies. These are "strange creatures" Sonic hasn't previously encountered, and require players to make full use of the all-new battle system and abilities.


"This enemy spawns in groups and attacks in jabbing motions with both hands."

Image: SEGA


"A floating enemy causing damage with attacks that appear as electric tornados."

Image: SEGA


"A wheel-like enemy that rushes towards Sonic once he is detected and attacks at high speeds if provoked."

Image: SEGA


"An enemy protected by a hard shell that attacks at a distance with a boomerang-type move. Sonic’s attacks cannot penetrate the hard shell, but other methods such as Cyloop can catch this enemy off-guard."

Image: SEGA


"An enemy formed by a group of spheres that attacks Sonic with electricity."

Image: SEGA

Last but not least is the official reveal of three bosses - Ninja, Tower and Asura. Ninja has high-speed attacks, can block incoming attacks and strike with shadows of itself. Tower is composed of stacked parts and is weak at the top of its head. And Asura is a large building-like enemy that throws its arms down. We've seen this one in the trailers previously.

Sonic will make use of the new battle system to take down these enemies. His combat style is this time more "exhilarating and fluid" than ever before - combining dodges, parries, counters and more. He can also unlock battle skills, and there's an "Auto Mode" where various combos can be executed with single button presses.

One other ability explained in this latest update was Cyloop:

"Sonic learns a new ability called “Cyloop,” creating a band of light mirroring Sonic’s tracks. Surround enemies, items and areas to uncover its various effects and unlock the secrets of the Starfall Islands."

What do you think of the latest Sonic Frontiers info update? Are you looking forward to the game's release this holiday? Tell us down below.