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Unbelievable... — Image: Midnight Works

The Switch has become home to some, shall we say, questionable games in the five-ish years since its release. The latest to make its way onto the eShop is truly baffling, however. It's a game that's so shameful in both its premise and brazen nods toward a certain Rockstar franchise that we're astonished it's an actual real game.

Yes, Prison Life Simulator 2022: World FIGHT Battle GTA ULTIMATE is out now on the Switch and we're probably still collectively shaking our heads in disbelief as you read this. Just look at it! The title font is bad enough, but the fact that it just sticks the letters 'GTA' right there in the subtitle really takes the cake.

We're unfortunate enough to have seen footage of the game and it's positively littered with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, stuttering gameplay, and consistently bland visuals. It really begs the question as to why stricter measure aren't in place for the eShop. Wasn't this kind of thing a major factor in the video game crash of '83?

Anyway, here's a list of features to brighten your day:

- Free to move, explore and fight in a prison world.
- Spend noodles to unlock new skills to power up your prisoner.
- Bribe guards to evade punishment.
- Recruit crew members and assign them orders.
- Consequences depend on your choices.
- Dozens of items affecting the plot.
- Live by the thieves' laws, keep your shank with you and trust no one.
- Intuitive controls so you can play just the way you want.
- Real world prison with actual prison fighting.
- Make inmate friends whom you can trust.
- Best action and survival mission game.
- Beautiful graphics in this prison game.

If you want to check out the game for yourselves, it will cost you £8.99, though we'd probably recommend using such money to get yourselves a nice takeaway, or perhaps a good book!

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