The only thing worse than aliens invading Earth is if those aliens are pink. Don't they know that pink stains are really hard to get out of clothes? How thoughtless of them.

In From Space, a post-apocalyptic co-op (or solo) action-shooter, you'll be tasked with sending these laundry-ruining aliens to whatever their version of hell is, with the help of various weapons and up to three friends.

There are a host of characters, weapons, and abilities to choose from, to make your squad of extra-terrestrial fighters the very best they can be. That includes rocket launchers, miniguns, flamethrowers, grenades, mines, and even traps made of barbed wire and machinegun turrets to help you out, all of which you can level up as you progress. Those aliens won't know what hit them, unless they also invented flamethrowers on their home planet, in which case they will know what hit them but they still won't be happy about it.

From Space is destined to release on Steam in Autumn 2022, and it's likely that it will be coming to Switch around then, too.