Blanc, a hand crafted emotional adventure tale, has been announced as a console exclusive for Switch, coming to the system in February 2023.

The game will feature text free gameplay and storytelling within a gorgeous black and white world. The game requires co-op play and will boast both online and local multiplayer functionality.

Here's a breakdown of Blanc via its game page:

A fawn and a wolf cub must work together to find a way home across the snowy wilderness in the hand-crafted world of Blanc. In this emotional adventure, these unlikely friends must coordinate and use their individual strengths to overcome environmental obstacles and navigate through the frigid wilds. Blanc is a completely text-free story with local* and online co-op play**, making it inviting for everyone to enjoy. Forge an unexpected bond in Blanc, launching as a console exclusive on Nintendo Switch in February 2023.

Are you up for some multiplayer co-op when Blanc launches next year? Share your thoughts in the usual place.