Crazy Taxi
Image: Sega Shop

If you spent the turn of the century speeding around the streets of Crazy Taxi, bopping your head to those Bad Religion and The Offspring tunes as you raced against the clock, you might want to take a look at this new collection of merch that's currently up for pre-order from Sega.

Giving fans of the classic series a chance to show off their love for all things yellow and flamey, the company has listed a small range of products on its official UK store. It's all very much on brand, which should be perfect for anyone who sunk hours into the original on their GameCube or Sega Dreamcast, or anyone who's just patiently waiting for the rumoured series reboot to appear.

The products below are due to be released in July 2022. Any orders you make now are pre-orders and will be shipped when stock arrives.

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