Image: SEGA

Update [Thu 23rd Jun, 2022 02:55 BST]: IGN's 'Summer of Gaming' event has revealed the new Sega published title is Hyenas. It's a new multiplayer sci-fi FPS by Creative Assembly and is coming to Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Original article [Wed 22nd Jun, 2022 03:00 BST]: IGN's 'Summer of Gaming' continues tomorrow and apparently an exciting "world premiere exclusive" will be presented by Sega.

In a teaser video, all there is an odd sound clip that lasts for about eight seconds. Some are saying it kind of sounds like a Dolphin... leading to calls for Ecco the Dolphin to return, but we'll try not to speculate here as it could be for anything.

Have a listen to the sound below, which has also been acknowledged by the official Sega Twitter account:

Sega's already been promoting its upcoming title Sonic Frontiers exclusively through IGN, so it's not exactly a surprise to see it has something else to reveal. It could even potentially be more Sonic, but the description does say it'll be a "special Sega game", so perhaps it is something else.

What do you think it might be for? Take a guess down below.