Developer Ephemeral Cube has announced that its rhythm action puzzler Project Timi: Sasha's Curse will be making its way to Switch in 2023. If you're intrigued and to try it out a bit sooner, you can download a demo over on Steam right now.

The game sees you take on the role of Timi the Dream Catcher as you utilise the rhythm of each level to solve puzzles, fight evil creatures, and uncover Lucity Town's secrets. With colourful visuals and catchy beats, Ephemeral Cube states that the game can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

Here's a rundown of the game's features:

- Rhythmic Beatdowns: Move to the rhythm to fight scary creatures, place traps, complete minigames, solve puzzles, and uncover all of Lucity Town’s secrets.
- Genre Mashup: Action, puzzles, and rhythm unite! Walk, run, swim, and slide across nightmare realms, solve mysteries, and use the power of music to rescue children from despair
- Mischievous Monsters:Discover and fight a diverse array of nightmare creatures
- Magical Abilities:Timi can learn to use Thunder Zaps, Magic Bubbles, Potion Explosions, and more as she makes her way across Lucity Town
- Collectibles Galore: Collect diamonds, secret books, treasures, and golden puzzle pieces hidden in each level

Are you interested in trying out Project Timi: Sasha's Curse when it launches in 2023? Let us know!