The Kirby Café has just announced its summer menu, which consists of a ton of peach-themed meals and the iconic Kirby car cake from Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

There's even a cute little story to go along with the new foods:

Summer is returning to the Kirby Cafe. Thinking of the warmer months, Chef Kawasaki has created a special menu! As a Waddle Dee, filled with great excitement, wandered through the forest…it saw tons of lush, ripe peaches.

“Huh? That pink, round peach reminds me of something…”

Then came Kirby, who was looking forward to the summer menu more than anyone else.

“Ah, that’s right! The peach looks just like Kirby!”

Happy to have solved the riddle, Kirby smiled brightly at Waddle Dee. Gazing at this glorious summer scene with tons of juicy peaches ready to be eaten, he couldn’t help but imagine tons of tasty treats! Peach parfait, sparkling soda, blue jelly sparkling like the ocean…not wanting to forget these ideas, Kirby and Waddle Dee gathered the peaches and began cooking.

There are Waddle Dee's rice croquettes which come with the tree from Whispy Woods who is presumably full of sauce, an "Awoofy's Footsteps in the Desert" dessert pizza, a peach parfait, a peach soda, and a dish called "King Dedede’s Full Tummy! Massive Beast King Plate" — plus the Carby, of course.

There are also two souvenirs to get — a Kirby glass and an acrylic muddler for drinks:

The dishes will be served at the Kirby Café in Tokyo and Hakata in Japan, from July 7th to September 11th, 2022.