Waluigi On Luigi's Mansion
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

Fans have been crying for the palatinate mischievous Mario character Waluigi to get his own game, or even just a shred more attention. The lanky rival to Luigi has only really appeared in side games to play sports or party with the rest of the Mario cast. So, for now, it's in the hands of fans to come up with something special for dear ol' Waluigi.

Japanese artist @Gaku_Kumatori has done just that, creating a fantastic new game in the process that we're sure many people would get a thrill out of. Combining Luigi's rival with the green-hatted moustachioed brother's own game — Luigi's Mansion — Gaku Kumatori has come up with the aptly-titled Waluigi's Mansion. And oh we desperately want this.

Creating separate renders for both 'Wagooigi' and a ghost version of Waluigi's brother Wario, we can only imagine what kind of trouble Waluigi will get into when he ventures into a haunted mansion. The ghosts will likely be scared of him!

Gaku's art is also just incredible, and it looks like an official piece of Nintendo key art for a real game. So come on Nintendo, take some inspiration and make this happen!

Fans have done a lot to make sure Waluigi gets the love he deserves. Last year, a fan-made trailer where Waluigi invites himself to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was released. But Nintendo sometimes gives us a scrap of goodness, like last year in Mario Kart Tour where Waluigi got himself a vampire costume.

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