Waluigi Vampire
Image: Nintendo

First he failed to get a spot in Smash, and now he's been turned into a vampire. Poor Waluigi just can't catch a stake, err... break.

Yes, Nintendo has kickstarted the latest tour in Mario Kart Tour, officially releasing 'Waluigi (Vampire)' as a playable character in-game. Complete with a top hat and cape, this new Waluigi variant comes with an also-new Vampire Flyer kart, which looks very cool indeed.

A video shared just a few days ago shows you what you can expect to enjoy in the new tour; the event is live now and will run until 3rd November, so you've got plenty of time to jump in if you want to check it out.

We're pretty fond of Mario's pumpkin hat, we must say.

Incidentally, Nintendo issued a fix that was preventing some Android players from progressing past the title screen earlier this week. If you've been having trouble with the app recently, things should all be back to normal now.

Who's up for a Vampire Waluigi cosplay for Halloween this year?