Image: Nintendo

If you're an Apple mobile user, happen to be running iOS version 13 or earlier and still use the Switch Online mobile application on a regular basis, you might want to read on...

According to Nintendo's Japanese customer support Twitter account, the Switch Online app will require Apple users to be running iOS version 14 or later by "around the summer of 2022" after an update is released. Here's a rough Google translation:

Around the summer of 2022, we plan to update the iOS version of the "Nintendo Switch Online" app. This update will change the operating environment to "iOS version 14.0 or later". Please note that the app will not be available on devices with "iOS version 13 or earlier".

There are no related announcements for Android users at this point in time. This news follows on from an update to the app last month - adding a Light and Dark mode.

If we hear anything else about this update, we'll let you know.