Pokemon Scarlet Violet Legendaries
Image: The Pokémon Company

We now know a heck of a lot more about the upcoming 9th generation of Pokémon games. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet look to shake up the series' formula in a few different ways such as four-player co-op and a fully open world, but there's one key thing that hasn't changed with the upcoming mainline games.

Scarlet and Violet continue the tradition of releasing two different versions of the same game. Some people might think red is just a cool, bold colour, but there's a certain mystical charm about that shade of purple. But there are a few other things to differentiate the versions — more than normal — that might just sway your opinion.

Let's start with the obvious, the legendaries. The box art beauties this time around are Koraidon and Miraidon, two serpent-looking Pokémon with bold colourings and big, brash designs. Koraidon is exclusive to Scarlet, while you'll be able to find Miraidon in Violet. Despite the similar pose, these two hugely-powerful 'mons are pretty darn different.

Koraidon has a lot of plumage on its head, neck, and arms, complete with kaleidoscopic colouring. It's also standing pretty proudly (more on that in a bit), and it has what looks like a tyre protruding out of its chest. Is that uncomfortable? Are we overthinking this again? Basically, it looks like a prehistoric lizard with feathers and a motorcycle tyre. Yep. It's a lot. Maybe too much? Never! We love that it's a historical-looking legendary.

Miraidon, on the other hand, is much more electrical, unnatural, and futuristic. Remember we said that Koraidon was standing? Well, Miraidon has two jet engines so it's floating in mid-air. Its got thunderbolts for antennae, and its purple skin is very metallic-looking. Add in the robot hands, the metal parts of the tail, the pixelated eyes, and... whatever kind of wheel is in this one's chest, and we have a 'mon of the future. Its sleek design is a lovely contrast to Koraidon, and we love those extra details.

Whichever one you prefer, you can't deny that these two both make a blooming good bit of box art, right?

Next, and maybe the most important difference, is something brand new to the series. Scarlet and Violet will have a different professor depending on what version you choose. Professor Sada, in her sandals, cavewoman attire, and accessories, is Pokémon Scarlet's resident expert. Professor Turo's purple and black bodysuit — which even the shoes are a part of — will be your guiding hand in Pokémon Violet.

That's all we know about those two for now, but the internet has some feelings about these two. Yes, they are quite nice to look at, ahem. But we're mostly getting at the fact that some think that, depending on which version of the game you pick, the other professor will be the villain. We're not sure we can bring ourselves to fight one of these two.

Professor Sada's unusual combination of cavewoman clothing and lab coat is certainly odd at first glance, but again, it's the extra details! The tooth buttons on the coat; the fur around the collar; and its slightly off-white colour. Sada also has the best hair of any Pokémon professor. There. We said it. Professor Turo has a much simpler, more modern design — he also looks a lot more serious and less adventurous than Sada, but his clean-cut look, facial hair, and that bodysuit, make him very easy on the eyes.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Professors
Gosh, is it just us, or is it getting a bit hot in here? — Image: The Pokémon Company

The last difference is something else fans, and us, have been speculating about. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet seem to be going for a past versus future theme. The designs of the legendaries and the professors speak for themselves, but so do their names! Miraidon and Koraidon contain the Japanese words for ancient (korai) and future (mirai) in their names, while Sada and Turo refer to the Spanish words of past (pasado) and future (futuro). There are similar naming conventions in other languages too.

If fan theories on the professors prove correct and we are indeed going to be facing off against the other, then that only seems to hammer home the truth that this will be the battle of tradition and modernisation, the clash of the old and the new, the smackdown between the past and the future! Place your bets on who will be the winner now!

For only a three-minute trailer and some details on the official website, that's a nice amount to go off of! Now that we know we'll be able to go on yet another Pokémon journey on 18th November, people are starting to make their minds up on which version they'll be picking up. Besides the legendaries, we don't know what other Pokémon will be exclusive to what version.

So, go on, what version will you be picking up? Does the fiery Scarlet awaken a passion in your heart? Or does the electrifying Violet spark up your life? Vote in our polls below and have a sound off in the comments on what other differences you're hoping to see.

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