Season06 On Ptv Live 169 En

If you're a fan of the Pokémon anime series, you might want to take a look at Pokémon Advanced, which has just been added to the Pokémon TV service.

This is the sixth season of the show - following Ash and Pikachu (alongside May) as they take their first steps into the Hoenn region. Here's some additional PR:

"Pokémon Advanced, the sixth season of Pokémon the Series, has just arrived on Pokémon TV. In this season, Ash and Pikachu leave the Johto region behind as they journey into the Hoenn region. Together, our heroes meet new companions, reunite with old friends, discover amazing Pokémon, and face all sorts of exciting challenges—all while continuing to outsmart the troublesome Team Rocket, of course!"

You can watch Pokémon TV on the web via, via the Pokémon TV mobile app and on the Nintendo Switch.

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