Playtonic Friends, the publishing arm of Yooka-Laylee developer Playtonic Games, has announced that it's bringing Knight Shift Games and The Completionist's Elsie to Switch in 2023.

Described as a neo-retro roguelike, Elsie combines run-and-gun gameplay with bullet hell elements and "neon-drenched pixel art", as you can see from the reveal trailer above. Also releasing for PC, a Steam demo is available at the time of writing for those of you curious to find out more.

Here are some more details and key features straight from the horse's mouth:

The world of Ekis has been thrown into chaos by unknown forces. The seaside bastion, known as the Sapir Wharf, and home of the Guardians has been attacked by a mysterious robotic army. As the last remaining Guardian of the wharf, Elsie must investigate the cause behind the attacks on her home, and the disappearance of her friends while uncovering the truth of her creation.

Dash, dive and shoot across gorgeous neon-drenched pixel art stages in order to uncover the mysterious forces that threaten to destroy all life on planet Ekis.
Key Features
- Adrenaline pumping platforming with unique parry system
- Procedurally generated runs through neon-drenched pixel stages
- Endless synergies with dozens of weapons, skills and augments
- Tons of replayability with hours of content and daily challenges

While there's no specific date beyond that wide '2023' window, we certainly like the look of this one. Let's hope we'll be seeing it earlier rather than later next year!

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