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Fans of the Birdman (that's Tony Hawk) got quite a shock earlier this year in April when it was revealed the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater developer Vicarious Visions had been absorbed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Concerns were raised about the future of the series at the time, and if remasters of the third and fourth game would ever see the light of day. Unfortunately, Tony Hawk has now confirmed they're likely not happening.

Speaking on a Twitch stream recently (andyTHPS), Tony shared an upfront statement about the current situation:

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"I wish I could say we had something in the works, but you know Vicarious Visions kind of got disbanded and Activision's going through all their stuff, so I don't know what's next..."

When asked about Pro Skater 3 + 4 remasters, he said:

"I mean, that was the plan, even up until the release date of this [Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2] we were going 3 and 4, and then Vicarious got kind of absorbed and they were looking for other developers and then it was over."

Tony briefly elaborated on this, when asked about Activision's "faith" in the future of the series:

"The truth of it is, they [Activision] were trying to find someone to do 3 + 4, but they just didn't really trust anyone the way they did Vicarious, so they took other pitches from other studios, like "what would you do with the THPS title" and they didn't like anything they heard, and that was it."

Tony still hopes that the series could return, but it's probably best not to expect any related announcements in the near future.

After being merged into Blizzard, Vicarious Visions worked on Diablo II: Resurrected, released last September. When Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 finally made its debut on the Nintendo Switch last June, we praised it - labelling it a rock-solid Switch port and awarding it an "excellent" nine out of ten stars.

How do you feel knowing Pro Skater 3 + 4 is now likely not happening? Would you like to see this popular series make a comeback one day? Did you play the remaster of the first two games on Switch? Leave a comment down below.

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