New SMB Mario Jumping Art
Image: Nintendo

Just over a month ago, Illumination's upcoming untitled Super Mario movie was delayed from a 2022 holiday date to April 2023. But while we're still a ways off from being able to sit down and watch the films, in the background, Nintendo has been making preparations for the plumber's motion picture.

Earlier today, Twitter user @MichaelO2k shared some copyright records connected to the film which likely confirm the names of the studios that the Mario motion picture will be listed under — Nintendo Studios, LLC and M Brothers Productions, LLC.

This is a pretty standard legal practice for studios, creating one LLC for the movie itself (M Brothers) and a second LLC which will become the film production company (Nintendo Studios). These were likely made a while ago and have just been discovered, so while it's unlikely to be indicative of anything huge, we'd at least love a little trailer or something!

Regarding the name of the film production company, Nintendo has previously shared its thoughts on "visual content expansion projects", with the Big N outlining in 2020 how it wants to create more content outside of video games. Shigeru Miyamoto last year also commented on the upcoming film, as well as Nintendo's desire to make more media of its kind, saying "With visual content as well, we want to continue to create content that bring smiles to generations of consumers around the world." So we could be seeing more of Nintendo Studios later down the line.

Still, we've got to get the Mario movie out of the way first, right?

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