Final Vendetta
Image: Numskull Games

Final Vendetta, the 2D fighting homage to classic franchises like Streets of Rage and Double Dragon, is racing towards its release on June 17th.

To celebrate, Numskull Games has released a full track from the game's official soundtrack, and honestly, it's like we've been transported back to the '90s - it's awesome!

Created by dance due Utah Saints, comprised of Tim Garbutt and Jet Willis, the pair spoke with NME on their collaboration with developer Bitmap Bureau. Willis had the following to say about the game and its accompanying music:

“The way it got pitched was we’re doing this game, and it’s in the style of Streets Of Rage, probably the most iconic soundtrack because of the way it’s locked into club culture at the time really well. A lot of people were just getting home from nights out, relatively intoxicated, and just playing video games. We saw the visuals and thought it looked ace. Hopefully, it will keep one foot in the nostalgia part of things and one foot in the future, just like our music, so it’s a great fit.”

You can check out the track itself via the below video:

Are you looking forward to Final Vendetta on the Switch? What do you make of the music track shared by Numskull Games? Let us know!

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