Monster Sanctuary The Forgotten World
Image: Team 17

Next week, 30th June was meant to see the release of the Pokémon-meets-Metroidvania game Monster Sanctuary's next big update. Titled 'The Forgotten World', this update adds 9 new monsters, a brand new area, new game modes, a randomiser — basically, tons and tons of fun stuff!

But if you own the game on Switch, and started up your system today, you may have noticed this monster collecting game received a surprise update. And, if you booted up the game, you might discover that The Forgotten World is live.

Publisher Team 17 has admitted the update was released a bit early, but it has also reassured fans that it won't be removing the changes and will instead leave them be.

This has only happened with the Switch version of the game. And, as a result, Team 17 has asked fans to keep things spoiler-free for those who have to wait until next week. This is all a little bit like sending an email or a message before finishing it, but for game development! Except the update is ready and complete.

In case you don't know what The Forgotten World update brings, here's a little teaser, and you can see every single addition the free update brings over on the official website.

Have you tried the new update out yet? Let us know!

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