Pokemon Sword And Shield
Image: The Pokemon Company

There are two new distribution events currently available in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

First up we've got Grimmsnarl, given out during the Pokémon Trainers Cup stream. It's the one used by last year's Trainers Cup champion and is available until tomorrow June 12th.

The code you'll need this time is: K0REACHAMP10N21

In addition to this is a Sableye based on the one used by last year's Japan champion. You have until tomorrow to redeem this one as well.

Here's the code you'll need: 21JAPANCHAMP10N

Have you redeemed these free Pokémon yet? Are you still playing Sword and Shield on a regular basis? Leave a comment down below. View all of the past code distributions for Sword and Shield in our full guide.

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