Wired Productions and Rogue Sun's puzzle adventure game Tin Hearts got a brand new trailer earlier today. The game is currently part of Steam Next Fest, where you can currently download a limited-time demo for the game on Steam.

This Dickensian-style game — which Rogue Sun has called "Lemmings meets Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'" (the Managing Director's words, not ours!) — is set to release later this year on Switch, and will see you guiding little tin soldiers around various Victorian-era rooms.

The new trailer has a very curious Nintendo-related nod in it though. 'The Power Glove Trailer' focuses on an extremely fancy-looking glove that looks like it's used to control mechanical toys. This Victorian-Era puzzle game looks utterly charming, but we particularly love this little reference. If the Power Glove had been like this, maybe it would've done even better.

Will you be picking up Tin Hearts when it launches this year? Are you going to try the demo on Steam? Let us know below!