Ah, the wild. The smell of logs crackling on a campfire, the sensation of mosquito bites all over your legs, and the huge, hulking monsters that stalk you in the dark. At least, that's what it's all about in Minecraft's latest update, The Wild, which adds a host of new creatures and blocks to experiment with... and run away from.

Here's a list of the most important features that will be added to the game in 1.19:

  • Two new biomes
    • Mangrove Swamp
    • The Deep Dark
  • Loads of new blocks
    • Sculk (sound-sensing flora)
    • Mangrove wood
    • Mud
    • Froglight
    • Chest in boat
    • Recovery compass (to find the last location you died)
    • Echo shards (to craft a recovery compass)
    • Goat horn
    • Reinforced deepslate
  • New enchantment, "Swift Sneak", which allows you to walk fast while crouching
  • Four new mobs
    • The Allay (who can find items you're looking for)
    • The Warden (who can punch you into oblivion)
    • Frogs
    • Tadpole
  • Several new music tracks by Lena Raine and Samuel Åberg
    • "Ancestry", "Aerie", "Firebugs", and "Labyrinthine"
    • New music disc, which you can only find by finding or crafting nine disc fragments
  • Over 40 bugfixes
  • Four new achievements:
    • It Spreads - Kill a mob next to a catalyst
    • Birthday Song - Have an Allay drop a cake at a note block
    • With Our Powers Combined! - Have all 3 froglights in your inventory
    • Sneak 100 - Sneaking next to a Sculk Sensor without triggering it
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Minecraft described the new biomes thusly:

Deep Dark
In the depths of the Overworld, you will find one of the scariest biomes in all of Minecraft. Buried underground, especially at the bottom of mountainous regions, this area is filled with sculk blocks, ancient structures, loot chests, and one, single, solitary mob. To navigate the deep dark, you need to sneak, use Silk Touch, and above all else – don’t wake the warden!

Mangrove Swamp Biome
Towering trees, wide roots, small saplings, and muddy terrain make up the new mangrove swamps. Found in areas with high temperatures and high humidity, this new swamp also introduces mangrove trees and mud blocks, bringing a wide range of new materials to craft builds inspired by the beauty of the Overworld!

If you want to trawl through the full patch notes — we've told you everything juicy, everything else is just bug fixes — then head to Minecraft's detailed changelogs.

Have you been playing around with The Wild Update? What do you think so far? Let us know in the comments.