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Image: Kadokawa Games

Metal Max Xeno: Reborn has finally reached us in the West. The RPG series has never been a huge hit outside of Japan, and this latest entry changed up the formula by making it a more open-world adventure.

Developer Kadokawa Games has been working on a direct sequel called Metal Max: Wild West, first announced in 2019 (as Metal Max Xeno Reborn 2). The game was due to release on Nintendo Switch in Japan this year. However, the developer has been quiet on the game since May 2021.

Unfortunately, Kadokawa Games has finally given us an update, and it's the kind of update no one is looking forward to — Metal Max: Wild West has been cancelled. In a post on the official Metal Max Xeno website, the developer didn't delve deeply into the reason, stating that "we have decided to discontinue development in consideration of the current development status."

Surely that's disappointing news for fans of the series. However, it's not the end of Metal Max yet. A spin-off titled Metal Dogs is out in Japan, while another Switch game — Metal Saga: Flames of Rebellion — is currently in development. There's also a remake of the first Metal Max game in the works. So don't lose hope!

You can grab Metal Max Xeno: Reborn from today on the Switch! But make sure you check out our import review of the game from back in May to see whether it's worth your time:

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