If you enjoy relaxing games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and A Short Hike, then Paradise Marsh may well be up your street. Developed by Etienne Trudeau, the game has been confirmed for Switch alongside Steam and Xbox, and features stylised first-person visuals in which you catch a variety of frogs and bugs in order to fill the night sky with delightful animal-shaped constellations.

The game will feature a soundtrack composed by Disasterpiece, known for creating music for the likes of FEZ, Hyper Light Drifter, and the horror movie It Follows. No release date has been set at the time of writing, but we'll certain keep our eyes peeled!

Here's a list of features:

- Explore unique and harmonious biomes in an endless procedurally generated wetland
- Catch small creatures with your net and document your findings in your adventure journal
- Restore fallen stars in the empty night sky and interact with intriguing and colorful characters
- Collect long lost poems floating adrift
- Take your time to enjoy nature, eat wild berries, skip stones on water or sit on a nice soggy log for as long as you like...
- Beautiful Sound Design by Disasterpeace! (FEZ, Hyper Light Drifter, It Follows)

Well, what do you make of Paradise Marsh? Will you be swinging your net to catch it when it launches on Switch? Let us know!