If you've ever wished for a DOOM-like arcade-style first-person shooter with chaotic, grotesque rainbow visuals, then first off, your wishes are really specific, but secondly, check out POST VOID immediately.

This M-rated game is the second release under publisher Super Rare's new digital label, and it's coming to PS4, PS5, and our beloved Nintendo Switch soon. Check out the PR spiel:

Rack up your kill count to maintain the health in your idol and whatever you do, do not stop. Slowing down is game over. Find the oasis at the end of each level, pick your random upgrade, and dive back into the chaos. Every run of POST VOID is different thanks to the procedurally generated levels, so truly the only option is to... get good.

Following its overwhelming success on Steam, the PlayStation and Switch ports of POST VOID have been honed to perfection to make sure its fast-paced gameplay works as brilliantly on a controller as it does with a keyboard and mouse.

If POST VOID sounds like your mega-specific jam, then make sure to put it in your cart when it comes out on the Nintendo eShop on July 21st.