Publisher V Publishing and developer Matrisoka Games are bringing frenetic pixel art combat and boss rushing to the Switch as the action RPG Fallen Angel will be descending onto consoles on 19th July.

Fallen Angel looks like a biblical version of Hyper Light Drifter with fluid animations and frantic combat, but instead, you'll be fighting archangels as the fallen angel Lucifer to try and claim heaven for yourself.

The Switch version comes with all content included with the Steam release — which launched in October 2020 — including the most recent update which includes Turbo Mode. Just in case you want things to get more chaotic! There's also a Punishment Mode for the ultimate pixel art penance.

Find out how you'll be taking down the heavenly denizens and claiming the world beyond the pearly gates as your own:

- Slash your way to Heaven’s throne with colorful 2-D pixel art, flashy animation, and an immersive soundtrack
- Explore a fearsome portrayal of Heaven inspired by the Old Testament and Biblical Apocrypha
- Use strategy to survive brutal and challenging boss battles with archangels, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and unique design
- Claw your way through the strange lands of Heaven including high-tech constructs, idyllic earth-like plains, and floating islands
- Upgrade Lucifer’s abilities to complement a range of playstyles from parrying to brute force melee to ranged aerial combat
- Challenge friends, if you dare, in Co-op modes

The environments and enemies are not what you'd expect for a game where you're taking down angels. Many of the angels themselves are robotic, and some of the locations you'll be running through are cyberpunk nightclubs, ruins, forests, and more. Sounds like Neon White's version of heaven might have a competitor!

Fallen Angel launches on the Switch on the 19th July. Do you like the look of this action combat game? Say your prayers and confess in the comments!