Tower Of Druaga
Image: Bandai Namco

Did anyone else play Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and think to themselves during a particular dungeon, "huh, what is that pixelated maze room full of slimes a reference to?" Well, maybe it was just this writer here, but you can now find out the game that inspired that dungeon!

The Tower of Druaga is an arcade RPG from 1984 that sees you controlling the knight Gilgamesh and climbing 60 floors of a demon's tower to save the maiden Ki. The game was designed by Xevious' Masanobu Endō, and has influence many action RPGs since its release, such as the Ys series, Hydalide, Dragon Slayer, and even the original The Legend of Zelda! So it's an extremely important game.

There are tons of hidden secrets on each floor, and each of the 60 floors is randomised every single paythrough. However, it's definitely not an easy one to get through, as it's notoriously difficult.

Here's a little look at what the game plays like:

The Tower of Druaga will be out on the eShop tomorrow, 2nd June, and will cost $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29. Will you be adding this classic RPG to your collection? Let us know in the comments!