Image: Ship To Shore / EiffelArt

One of last year's GOTYs is getting a physical soundtrack, and it's available for pre-order right now!

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is getting a 4x LP of the complete soundtrack on vinyl, with four discs and a hard shell box. The soundtrack, by Celeste and Minecraft composer Lena Raine, will also include liner notes on the songs from Raine herself.

The art for the individual discs and the box art itself is done by Canadian artist and illustrator Matt Cummings, who designed them so that they all line up to create one long piece of contiguous art. Take a look:

The vinyl itself is also coloured to represent the journey through the game, and the unlocking of the paint colours. Here is the full tracklist:

Side A

1. Blank Canvas
2. A Colorful Tale
3. The Town of Luncheon
4. Supper Woods
5. Eyes in the Darkness
6. Not Anymore
7. Potluck
8. Art Academy

Side B

1. Appie Foothills
2. Elevenses
3. Wielder Temple
4. Probably Ancient Evil
5. A Wielder's Duty
6. Just Like You
7. Sips River

Side C

1. Gulp Swamp
2. Mistake
3. Erase You
4. Seeds of Doubt
5. Messed Up Person
6. Letter from the Queen
7. Dinners, the Big City
8. Clementine
9. Teatime Meadows

Side D

1. Caves
2. Grub Deep
3. Her Wretched Utterances
4. Feast
5. Alone with Myself
6. Nobody
7. I Am You

Side E

1. Abandon Me
2. Chicory's Theme
3. Banquet Rainforest
4. Dessert Mountain
5. Song of the Wielders

Side F

1. Simmer Springs
2. Turnabout Squeeze
3. Spoons Island
4. More Than Myself
5. Color Lab
6. Calling Home
7. Brekkie

Side G

1. Brunch Canyon
2. Buried Deep
4. She's Gone
5. The Wielders' Legacy
6. The Dark Forest
7. You're Not Real
8. Just Reach Out
9. Something New
10. Once More Into the Dark

Side H

1. History Against Us
2. Do the Impossible
3. Change Everything
4. The Mountain Top (feat. Emi Evans)
5. The Tale End
6. A Fresh Start
7. This Colorful World

The soundtrack is now available to preorder — here's how to get it based on where you live:

There is also a separate vinyl available for pre-order from the same stores, called Sounds of Picnic Province, which is a companion album that contains the "ambiences and low-key mixes of the background music between all the major areas of Chicory", with artwork from Mochipanko.

The LPs are set to ship at the end of 2022.