Update [Wed 15th Jun, 2022 03:00 BST]: This demo is now live - head on over to the Switch eShop to download it. Enjoy!

@monsterhunter - The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo is now available to download on Nintendo Switch and Steam! Find it on the Monster Hunter Rise store page on your platform of choice.

To download the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo on Nintendo Switch, please visit the Monster Hunter Rise eShop page and select "Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DEMO" after selecting "download demo".

Monster Hunter Rise Demo
Image: via @monsterhunter on Twitter

Original story [Tue 14th Jun, 2022 00:05 BST]: The Capcom Showcase kicked off with a brand new trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC.

It featured a returning location "Jungle" (an area that debuted in the second generation of Monster Hunter), new monsters from the Monster Hunter Frontiers series and Monster Hunter 4 (Espinas, Gore Magala), and many more to come.

Capcom will also be releasing a demo for Sunbreak on June 14th / June 15th, depending on your timezone - allowing you to sample some of the battles and even the game's multiplayer.

Players will have access to the Jungle location and be able to hunt Sunbreak monsters including Malzeno (difficulty: advanced), Astalos (expert) and Tetranadon (intermediate), Great Izuchi (beginner), and access training quests (Wyvern riding, basics, new switch skill swap & new silkbind attacks).

Solo and multiplayer will also be supported, and there'll be no limits to the number of times you can attempt quests.

During the same announcement, Capcom also mentioned how it would release a number of free title updates for the Sunbreak DLC expansion. The first will be arriving in August (Lucent Nargacuga - a new monster). The new area Forlorn Arena will be added, too.

This will follow with Fall and Winter updates in 2022 and beyond - including additional monsters and elements. Digital pre-orders will also receive some special bonuses - including Palico and Palamute armour sets.

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