BUNNIES. Bunny Park is a game about BUNNIES. Obviously. And you're in charge of them! You'll have to feed them, entertain them, keep them happy, and try to stop them making too many extra bunnies, because that's a very quick descent into a hellish, bunny-tsunami situation.

This September, Bunny Park will be heading to Switch, alongside another game from the same developer, Lemon Cake. You can build and decorate your own park, fill it with bunnies of all different kinds, care for them with snacks and pets, and complete your collection of buns.

There will also be a physical edition:

Unnamed (13)

Keep those big bunny ears facing in our direction and we'll let you know when exactly in September you can get your paws on Bunny Park, and how you can order the physical edition, too.

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