Blade Runner
Image: Nightdive Studios

It seems fans of Blade Runner have been shedding a few tears (in rain) over the state of the newly released Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition. So much so, in fact, that developer Nightdive Studios has seen fit to release the original version of the game as an update for owners on Steam.

While our own review for the Switch version is currently in the works, reception for Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition has not been altogether positive, with many stating that the visual upgrades actually do more harm than good to the overall experience. Over on PCGamer, Fraser Brown writes that the game is "a disaster, not a remaster", and states that it "is an inferior version by a significant margin, and should be avoided unless you desperately want to play it on consoles where it now appears for the first time".

The original version of the game for Steam has been dubbed as Blade Runner Classic, and players will be offered a choice of whether to play the game in its original form or with the enhanced changes when booting it up. There's been no word on whether the Switch version will receive the same treatment, but if the game is as poor as folks say, then we're keeping our fingers crossed for some good news soon.

Have you played Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition for the Switch yet? What do you make of the visuals? Let us know with a comment! We're working on our review at the time of writing, so look out for our verdict on the Switch version soon.

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