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Image: Nintendo

Many people have lobbied for video game soundtracks to be officially recognised by academies for years and now it finally looks like their efforts are about to pay off.

The Recording Academy, known for its annual Grammy Awards, has added five new entries to its awards categories, which are Songwriter of the Year (Non-Classical), Best Alternative Music Performance, Best Americana Performance, Best Spoken Word Poetry Album, and Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games.

The new categories will be part of the Grammys from 2023 onwards. Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason jr had the following to say regarding the additions:

"We're so excited to honour these diverse communities of music creators through the newly established awards and amendments, and to continue cultivating an environment that inspires change, progress and collaboration.

"The Academy's top priority is to effectively represent the music people that we serve, and each year, that entails listening to our members and ensuring our rules and guidelines reflect our ever-evolving industry."

At the most recent Grammy Awards, the 8-Bit Big Band won a Grammy for its Kirby arrangement, scooping up the award for the 'Best Arrangement, Instrumental, Or A Capella'. As for this news, we're so pleased that video game music will start getting the recognition it deserves going forward!

What do you make of the new category additions to The Grammy Awards? Let us know!

[source gamesindustry.biz]