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[Update: Thu 9th Jun, 2022 17:30 BST]

Good news! The rumours were right! Yes, they were spread by the publishers, Strictly Limited Games, so it's not much of a surprise — but Heaven's Vault is indeed getting a limited physical release.

With just 1,900 copies of the Nintendo Switch boxed game available, you'll want to make sure to place your pre-order as soon as they go live on June 12th at 12am CEST (11am BST, 6am ET).

There's also a Special Limited Edition box available to purchase, with only 900 in existence. These boxes include:

  • Special Limited Edition Box
  • Colourful Game Manual 
  • Original Soundtrack with previously unreleased bonus tracks
  • 10 Puzzle Cards
  • Timeline of the Nebula
  • Archaeologist’s Notebook
  • Bookmark
  • 4 transparent Stickers
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The other editions of the game are the Standard one, which just includes the game and a manual, The Book Bundle, which includes the two Heaven's Vault books by Jon Ingold, and the Special Limited Edition plus the Book Bundle.

The Standard Limited Edition physical release of the game will cost 29.99€, and the Special Limited Edition will cost 49.99€.

[Original: Tue 7th Jun, 2022 21:30 BST]

Heaven's Vault

Physical game publisher Strictly Limited Games (not to be confused with Limited Run Games or Super Rare Games) just tweeted out a hint at their next physical release:

Having played the game in question, we're roughly 99% sure that the game in question is Heaven's Vault, the incredible archaeology and language game from narrative superstars Inkle.

It looks like the official announcement will come later this week, so we'll update this post when we know more — like what the box art looks like, and if it comes with goodies. If you can't wait that long, there's also the Heaven's Vault books that are already out!